About Us

Our Mission

Providing pet food to ensure that the bond between people and their pet companions is unbroken.


Our Story

We are a 501(c)(3), all volunteer organization, dedicated to helping people and their pet companions stay together. FIDO was founded in 2004 to establish an AniMeals program in partnership with Clackamas County Social Services and Senior Meals programs. Our program is modeled after the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter AniMeals program.

To address a growing local need, we created our Dog Food Bank which was eventually expanded to provide for feline pet companions too, so it is now known as FIDO Pet Food Bank.

The establishment of our Veterans Program and Pet Needs Pantry followed to address and better support our communities.

Additionally, FIDO is “on call” to help our communities and individuals when emergencies occur.

In 2018, our programs provided over 400,000 meals and a wide variety of supplies to pet-companions in need!


Meet the Team

F.I.D.O. Board of Directors
Nancy Martin – President
Jeremy Johnson – VP
Helana Shull – Treasurer
Rosa Balzer – Secretary
Jolene Brill – Member

General Manager
Ron Smith
Non-Profit Coordinator
Linda Humpage

Local nonprofit helps struggling pet owners

by Katherine Kisiel, KATU
Friday, November 24th 2017

A local non profit helps pet owners who’ve fallen on financial hard times.




They’re the most vulnerable of our population: the homeless, veterans, seniors and domestic violence victims–and many of them own pets. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re not able to care for their pets and they need a little help.

That’s where F.I.D.O. comes in. Nancy Martin is the president and community impact coordinator.

They’ve partnered with groups like Meals On Wheels to get pet food to owners in need.

“You never have to worry about every feeding your pet again or unable to provide, thru this pet food bank, because that’s our hyper focus and that’s our sole reason for being,” said Martin.

She operates a pet food bank out of a small warehouse in Oregon City. Martin said they feed nearly 6,000 animals a year.

“It is an under-served portion of our community, people’s pets are extremely important to them, especially children, you want children to be raised around pets, it makes them a better human being,” said Martin.

Angel Grigsby is a single mother of four who needed some help a few weeks ago. She said the alternator on her car went out and she didn’t have money to buy her dogs food. Two of her dogs provide therapy for her three special-needs children. F.I.D.O. came to the rescue.

“If it wasn’t for Nancy, I wouldn’t have had enough food to last us until my car got fixed,” said Grigsby.

Martin said they’re always taking donations. She said ten dollars can feed two dogs and two cats for a whole month.